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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Powerbook G4, RIP

It's a sad day at Kendall Towers.

My seven-year-old Powerbook G4 17" has died.

I bought this machine shiny and new in April 2003; it has travelled the world with me, doubling as a mobile entertainment system as much as a computer.

In recent years, its role has been restricted to email checking and internet surfing, with the big work taken over by my iMac.

It first showed signs of going mental when the kernel panics started after 5 minutes of use. TechTool and Disk Warrior couldn't fix it between them, so off it went to the repair shop.

This morning, a verdict of dead logic board was pronounced. A new one will cost a fortune, and even second hand they sell for over £150. Not really worth the money to resurrect a seven-year-old laptop.

So, with a heavy heart I shall be picking up the corpse from CreativeIt of South London today.

I plan a quiet ceremony. No flowers or donations please. Unless you have a spare logic board lying around….

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